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Hot off the InfoComm Virtual Floor: Advanced Integration with Zoom for Hybrid Learning

June 17, 2020

This week at InfoComm Connected 2020 we announced new advanced integration with Zoom to make it easier than ever before to deliver hybrid learning to students this fall.  

Here’s what you need to know: 

Schools are creating massive amounts of educational videos. However, not every meeting needs to be recorded. The advanced integration, which expands on Mediasite’s already popular Zoom Marketplace App, allows for a more seamless and automated workflow between Zoom, Mediasite and a school’s LMS.  

The latest integration creates the following, streamlined workflow for hybrid learning:   

  • The Zoom meeting is scheduled, and the instructor decides whether it should be sent to Mediasite.
  • The instructor also has the option to tag it with the appropriate LMS course.  
  • Instructors and students meet in person and via Zoom for live lectures and/or collaborative discussions. 
  • The Zoom recordings are automatically uploaded into the appropriate course folder in Mediasite alongside their other valuable videos. Mediasite distributes the lecture to students directly in their LMS where they are most comfortable.  
  • Any captions created by Zoom will automatically be migrated to Mediasite allowing your imported video to be accessible to students. 

This allows all video content to be managed in one secure and searchable place in Mediasite. Plus, the Zoom recordings benefit from the full functionality of Mediasite accessibility tools like closed captioning and transcription capabilities, robust search, video and caption editing tools, anytime and anywhere publishing, interactivity options to track viewer engagement and back-end analytics. 

Look for this latest Mediasite-Zoom integration in time to be up and running for the fall semester. Stay tuned for more announcements to come, additional enhancements are in design for later in the year. 

Learn more in our press release 


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