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Heard at Unleash: Making Mediasite Invisible – Automating Lecture Capture for Increased Adoption and Viewership

May 02, 2017

Note: This week at the Mediasite User Conference Unleash in Madison, Wis. – and online – video experts in education, healthcare and the enterprise are sharing how Mediasite has transformed their organizations.


In 2016, the University of Dubuque completed construction on a science wing dedicated to a new physician assistants program.

Included in the project was a large-scale Mediasite deployment for lecture capture in the traditional classrooms, exam rooms and labs.

“We saw this large-scale implementation as an opportunity to rethink how we design and install Mediasite in our classrooms to increase engagement and increase adoption with faculty,” said Mike Willis, Director of Media Services, University of Dubuque.

The goal was to render the technology invisible to faculty and students, both in terms of installation and operation.


Faculty in the physician assistants program wanted everything recorded – labs, lectures, simulation exams, etc.

In the old facility, each classroom had a seven-foot-tall rack full of hardware, including Mediasite. Now, each room has ceiling mics and mounted cameras in the back of the rooms that feed into Mediasite in a central server room. Everything is out of sight and out of mind for faculty, so they can focus on what’s most important – teaching.


The Mediasite videos are automated, and faculty don’t have to change the way they teach.

“We achieved invisibility in two ways. Not only visually by removing hardware from the rooms but also mentally,” Willis said. “The faculty are no longer expected to manage their recordings. This has led to high adoption of the faculty, higher viewership from students and no missed recordings.”

As one instructor, Natalie Weber, said: “I completely forget I’m using Mediasite.”


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