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Great Video Capture Comes in Small Sizes – Meet the New Mediasite RL Mini

August 15, 2017

The next little thing in video capture is here. Meet the Mediasite RL Mini, the newest member of the Sonic Foundry recorder family.

We caught up with the Mediasite Mini during its busy launch tour to talk about how it can help schools get up and running with lecture capture quickly and affordably.

It’s so nice to meet you today. Tell me about yourself. 
Student demands for lecture capture in every classroom continue to increase at a rapid pace, and as a result, instructors are adopting more engaging teaching strategies in their classrooms. I make it easy and affordable to equip your smaller teaching and learning spaces with automated video capture. If you’ve got low tech rooms or a limited budget but still want to start capturing classes, I’m your device. But don’t worry. I still provide the same automation and high-quality streaming that Mediasite is known for.
Where will we find you hanging out the most?
Mostly in community colleges, vocational-tech schools, single departments or those sometimes forgotten rooms with limited to no built-in AV. Since I can be mounted anywhere, I’m 100 percent BYOD, meaning instructors can bring in their own laptop or favorite device instead of using a computer pre-built into the room.
Mediasite Rl MiniAre you really as small as they say?
As my name implies, I’m a fraction of the size of a typical recording appliance– think of your Apple TV box. I’ll fit in the palm of your hand. Pretty cool, huh?
What do instructors think of me?
Instructors love me. All they have to do is plug me into their laptop and camera,and they’re ready to start teaching. My capture-to-publish workflows guarantee they’ll never miss a teaching, training or learning moment. All the content I capture is immediately published to their Mediasite-enabled LMS courses. They appreciate how easy I make it for them.
And what about students? What do you do for them?
I’ve learned that it takes more than just video to captivate today’s students. To boost comprehension, improve retention and, dare I say, make learning fun, I pair recorded video with rich content, in-video search and interactive learning tools. This includes polling capabilities, an ask-a-question feature, bookmarks and the ability to share content. Students can take post-video surveys, read related links and pinpoint exact video moments with SmartSearch. They can preview slides and chapters and rearrange, resize or pop-out content to focus on what’s most important. This same interactive playback is available on any device.
So tell me, what kind of video do you record?
I support dual full-motion capture of video and content and deliver the full horsepower of the Mediasite system for encoding, which means amazing high-quality video. I’m fully automated with schedulable start and stop times for reliable no-fuss recording. There’s also an add-on option for live streaming.
Can instructors edit the videos you capture?
Of course! They can trim, cut and fade. They can add intros and outros, chapters and watermarks and even collaborate with others using Mediasite’s review/edit/approve workflows to ensure quality.
Where do you fit in the family of Mediasite Recorders?
You might call me the kid brother. My older siblings include the:
So, when is your big debut?
I’m available today. Learn more.

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