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How A Global Private Equity Firm Communicates with Investors Despite Distance

September 20, 2017


Global private equity firm The Riverside Company has more than 200 employees worldwide and holds more than 80 platform companies.

The firm is required to share information about the performance of its funds to its investors. So every November investors are invited to make their way to New York City for the Annual Investor Conference (AIC).

But with investors and employees around the world, it’s impossible to get everyone in the same place at the same time. The Riverside Company needed to keep everyone up to speed, regardless of their locations.


The Riverside Company turned to Sonic Foundry’s Mediasite Events to livestream its annual conference every November so that those unable to attend in New York wouldn’t miss a beat. The video captured by the Mediasite Events team is also available on-demand.

In addition to the AIC, The Riverside Company also works with Mediasite Events to live stream its Global Riverside Conference, which is a gathering of Riverside employees from around the world.

“Our executives really wanted to make this a more intimate experience. The feeling was that if we live streamed it, our global workforce unable to attend in person would have a much better experience,” said Eric Feldman, CIO of The Riverside Company. “We had such a good experience with our Annual Investor Conference we thought we’d try it, and it was a huge success.”

Mediasite Events provides turnkey streaming services for hundreds of hybrid and live events of all sizes, like The Riverside Company’s conferences, every year.


Offering an online component to the Annual Investor Conference and the Global Riverside Conference expands The Riverside Company’s reach to non-travelers while at the same time improving attendees’ retention of the content with video.

“Our Annual Investor Conference is a top-tier event in New York City. The experience being on site is our priority, but we recognize that we have investors all over the globe. Not everybody can come to New York in November,” Feldman said. “Live streaming the conference and making it available on-demand is the next best thing for them if they can’t be on site.”

Feldman continued: “We’re in a very good place with Mediasite Events. The partnership is extremely easy, and nobody worries about the live stream – we know it’s just going to work.”


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