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How An Event Marketing Company Delivered A Digital Conference Experience with Rave Reviews

October 02, 2017

ideas with impactChallenge:

Ideas with Impact is a brand communications and event marketing company that helps its clients deliver live events and executive communications. The events range from intimate VIP gatherings to user conferences with thousands of attendees, and Ideas with Impact works with its clients on every aspect – production, execution, messaging and content creation.

“We determine how to deliver the content in these live event environments to make the most impact and help drive a company’s business goals and strategies,” said Karen DeTemple, Founder, Ideas with Impact.

The events and messaging need to reflect the companies’ brands. Some of Ideas with Impact’s clients, like a global computer software company, need to convey creativity, innovation and have a heavy focus on technology. The event technology used for events like those are crucial.

“Not only does the event have to be executed really well, but strong thought needs to be given to the way the brand is presented and the technology used to do that,” DeTemple said.


This software company client held a field marketing event to target new and existing customers and share the company story. Ideas with Impact was tasked with live streaming the event, complete with three breakout rooms and general sessions.

DeTemple and her team turned to Mediasite Events to provide turnkey streaming services. Mediasite Events worked seamlessly with the software company’s in-house content team to create an event landing page, a microsite and a secure customized and branded video portal where viewers could create channels, playlists and catalogs. The content was also available on-demand.

“I watched the event online, and the quality of the stream was beautiful. Our production design looked great onscreen and the thoughtful consideration given to both the live and virtual experiences paid off,” DeTemple said.

Mediasite Events provides streaming services for hundreds of hybrid and live events of all sizes, like this, every year.


By offering an online component to its event, the company reached a much larger audience of people who otherwise couldn’t attend due to time or budget constraints.

In addition to the roughly 700 people in attendance (the venue’s capacity), there was an entire virtual community of attendees. All attendees received access to the on-demand content.

“Mediasite Events gave people the flexibility to transcend physical space considerations, and it allowed the company to segment its market as far as how it was offering the event – in-person or online,” DeTemple said. “The Mediasite Events team was very responsive. This was an intricate project, and the team handled the dynamic scope of work extremely well. They consulted with us here at Ideas with Impact on the right strategy, which I really appreciated. They were up early and worked late.”

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