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EdTech Focus Podcast — Sonic Foundry Talks 2017 Education Video Trends

March 03, 2017

Don’t miss the very first episode of the new podcast EdTech Focus with Corey Moss (@cbmoss) to hear the latest news about Sonic Foundry.

Sonic Foundry’s Executive Vice President Rob Lipps joined Corey on his show recently to discuss lecture capture, flipped and blended learning and what the future of academic video looks like.

You can listen to the full 29-minute show here.

“For us, the focus has been – How do we help institutions allow faculty to get into a room and teach the way they’ve always taught and not make the technology front and center but make it part of the room?,” Rob told Corey.

There’s a new way of thinking about education that has taken hold this year.

“What we’ve seen in this revolution is the democratization of video creation. Video creation has moved onto desktops. It’s not just the big lecture halls that have all the fancy gear in them,” Rob said, adding that a lot of great content is also coming from technology-light or no-tech classrooms, and solutions for those rooms — like Mediasite Catch — need to be available. “Also, what tools do students need on their desktops and phones to be content produces in education, too? The landscape has changed primarily because the technology is present to enable that change.”

Listen to Rob’s full conversation with Corey about this and much more at

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