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Brooke’s 5 Benefits of Academic Video

June 20, 2016

Over 14 years of teaching math, Brooke McCurdy has morphed her style from structured lectures to technology-enhanced, multiple-methodology teaching.

Brooke shared her tips for success with academic video in a recent webinar. Watch it if you’re looking to use academic video to reinforce learning, breakdown complex concepts and successfully implement classroom projects. Or watch this two-minute sneak peak of the webinar, and read on for Brooke’s five benefits in her own words.

Ease Student Struggles
“As educators, we have to anticipate concepts that students may struggle with. So I’ll create videos to explain in detail some of these concepts that the students can revisit at any time.
They can revisit them any time in the LMS. They can look at them while they’re completing homework, while they’re preparing for a test, or working through projects. And when students don’t understand certain concepts that we’ve worked on, they’ll often e-mail me asking if I have any videos or if I can make videos. So they really do see the importance in using the videos to ease some of their struggles with mathematics.”

Reinforce Concepts 
“I’ll often create Mediasite videos using Desktop Recorder to reinforce something that we did in class. It might be a video that I want them to look at later on to help reinforce what we just went over, or reinforce some of the ideas that they developed throughout the learning in the classroom. And although I welcome student questions through email, in person, et cetera, some students are still hesitant to ask. So with the videos readily available at any time, they can use them to better understand concepts that we have covered during class.”

Implement Projects
“I use videos through the implementation of projects. I can give them instructions and guidelines through Mediasite Desktop Recorder to help them with their projects so that they understand what is expected and what outcomes I want to see.”

True-Flipped Lessons
“I also use academic video in a true flipped-lesson type setting, where I might send them a video to watch before they come to class the next day so that we can actually have more rich discussion and I can use higher levels of questioning with the students.”

Activate Recall of Prior Knowledge
“And then sometimes I’ll just have a video to activate recall of prior knowledge, maybe something they’ve learned in a previous course that I will need them to remember for the day’s lesson. So I will use it that way as well.”

~Brooke McCurdy

Did you find this useful? We’ll be sharing more two-minute snippets of Brooke’s valuable insight in future posts. Until then feel free to watch the webinar in its entirety.

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