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How to Use Video to Achieve Student Success in Math

February 05, 2016

The use of academic video in the mathematics classroom is essential to student growth and success. As a mathematics educator, I use video to strengthen pre-requisite skills, enhance curriculum content, ease anticipated student struggles, and push students further in their mathematics knowledge.

  1. Reinforce Learning
    Students often forget concepts that they have previously been taught. This makes for repeated questions and explanations on these topics. I’ve found that through the use of academic video, I can help students to strengthen their skills in these areas. By means of a learning management system, my students can access these videos at any time. Students can watch these while working on homework, classwork and projects. This saves class time by having the students get the help they need when they need it.
  1. Break Down Complex Concepts
    As an educator, I can anticipate concepts that students may struggle with. I will preemptively create videos of step-by-step instruction for example problems and make these available to students. I also make videos demonstrating keystrokes on the graphing calculator so that students can watch these when they need them. I’ve found that students enjoy having these videos at their fingertips, and they will actually request videos on different concepts.
  1. Implement Classroom Projects
    Academic video plays a part in the successful implementation of classroom projects. Students sometimes struggle with the application of content to a project. Thinking outside the box and problem solving can be a challenge for some students. I can use video to give directions, help them connect concepts and give them examples of end products.
  1. Personalize the Learning Experience
    Academic video also plays a big role in enriching content. I use video to flip lessons and assign students pre-work of watching a video to introduce or review a concept. This allows us to have richer classroom discussions about the concept and spend more time analyzing work. We can utilize classroom time to dig deeper into concepts and allow students to ask more meaningful questions. It also allows for more of a personalized learning experience. I can create differentiated lessons and employ video as a means to do so.

As educators, we are tasked with growing students and we are measured on their level of academic growth. I have found that using academic video to reinforce concepts and push students further has resulted in successful student growth. The bright students are the toughest group to grow. Since they are already performing at advanced levels, it is difficult to push them to the next level. However, through the use of academic video, I am able to pique their curiosity and get them thinking on a deeper level.

My endeavors in academic video are ongoing and I am always looking for ways to use video to foster success for all students. I have seen such positive response from the students regarding the use of academic video and it is evident in their academic growth. It has changed my classroom for the better and I am able to spend more time creating the personalized learning environment that the students need.

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