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Noordhoff Health Adopts Mediasite by Sonic Foundry to Co-Create Innovative Learning Solutions for 4,000+ European Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations

October 03, 2016

noordhoffSonic Foundry today announced a strategic partnership with Noordhoff Health, a business unit of Noordhoff Publishers, to co-create innovative learning solutions to more than 4,000 hospitals, care organizations and nursing schools in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria & Switzerland.

From taking a patient’s blood pressure to practicing complex and critical clinical procedures, healthcare providers are entering a more demanding healthcare system that requires them to have a vast amount of knowledge at their fingertips. Noordhoff Health provides quality content, technology and services for practical training in healthcare. The company’s strategy is to use Mediasite as the key technology to develop, market and sell digital-education content on topics most important to participating hospitals in a pre-produced package of 100 training videos. Content will cover practical training such as nursing, clinical compliance, safe use of medical technology and more.

In addition to the pre-produced videos, Noordhoff Health also plans to offer Mediasite Video Cloud to those same hospitals, and nursing schools on a recurring subscription basis. Branding it “Health Visuals,” hospitals will be able to produce and share their own customized content using My Mediasite Desktop suite of recording technologies. Select “Health Visuals” content will be shared between hospitals via a secure sharing network.

“By providing the Mediasite video infrastructure in combination with learning content from Noordhoff Health, we enable our partners in the healthcare market to create a strong, fast growing knowledgebase and network for health professionals,” said André Matera, Director Noordhoff Health at Noordhoff Publishers BV.

“Noordhoff “Health Visuals” partnership with Mediasite gives our hospital the advantage of creating short learning interventions right in the work environment. This supports our professionals in collecting the knowledge and experience needed to give the best professional support to our patients. Just in time, just enough and just easy! It’s already proven to be successful in our hospital,” said Jelle Prins, Dean MCL Academy at The Medical Center Leeuwarden.

“Noordhoff “Health Visuals” has given us access to an ‘all-in-one’ solution. Not only can we create, upload and immediately share our own videos, we also have access to a secure content from a network of trusted hospitals. By using Mediasite as its video technology, we are able to customize the viewing experience for our audience, track viewership and communicate more effectively with patients,” said Jaco van der Worp, training consultant at Landsteiner Institute.

Mediasite training is underway with Noordhoff Health sales and marketing staff to bring this digital education offering to hundreds of hospitals in Europe.

“We commend Noordhoff Health for removing content-creation barriers, providing hundreds of hospitals basic digital training for their staffs. Through our partnership they’ve also created a unique online environment to create and share original training and content, bringing larger audiences to complex procedures and new medical discoveries,” said Gary Weis, chief executive officer of Sonic Foundry. “We look forward to working with Noordhoff Health in its quest to use video to positively impact the healthcare industry.”

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