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    10 Reasons We’re Feeling Joy Right Now

    May 01, 2020

    We were recently in a meeting and someone ended the call by asking, “What’s one thing that’s going well for you right now?” While there have been a lot of difficult changes lately, we loved the sentiment and the reminder to check in on those around us.  This inspired us to ask our customers and coworkers this question as a reminder to highlight the positive moments wherever we can.

    Take a look at some of the highlights:

    1. “I’ve lost almost 20 pounds since February. I’m eating less and working out more. Next goal is another 10 pounds by June.”
    2. “I’m spending more time with my college-freshman son. It’s special because it was unexpected. Since the weather is nicer, I’ve been going for long walks and I found my new favorite margarita recipe.”
    3. “My husband and I (and our dog– let’s not leave her out) just bought a house in South Carolina. It was crazy how the timing worked out, but we are happy to be settling in. It’s a simple thing, but I’ve been reminded of how nice it is just to stay home and not have somewhere to be, especially on the weekends. I always want to be on the go—just doing something. It’s been a good reset.”
    4. “After almost two months without running due to an injury, I got the go ahead from my physical therapist to start a slow progression of adding running back into my training.”
    5. “I’ve been very into going through my reading bucket list. I’ve been buying books from local shops (A Room of One’s Own and Mystery to Me both deliver) and trying to read more.”
    6. “As a college student, I have gotten very used to being independent. So coming home was a big adjustment. But it has been very nice to spend some extra time with my family! I also have some extra free time on my hands without all of the classes and organizations that I am in, so I have been able to actually do some reading and exercise more.”
    7. “I’ve been doing things that I probably wouldn’t otherwise do, like having FaceTime-game nights with friends and family or expanding our walking routes through nearby neighborhoods. I even flew a kite for the first time in many, many years.”
    8. “We have been doing a lot of cooking together as a family! There’s been lots of meal prep and clean-up, to which everyone contributes! This recipe was a favorite: Shrimp Tacos with Cilantro Lime Slaw. We’ve had lots of good dinner conversations, too. We are also having a friendly treadmill competition. My husband is winning so far which will have to change!”
    9. “I’ve really been enjoying the extra family time! It can be hectic at times trying to juggle work and family, but I guarantee when this is all over I’ll miss all the extra snuggles I get during the day. Also, all the family walks we have been getting in since the weather is getting nice have been wonderful!”
    10. “We are all enjoying having our college sophomore home for some extra time together. Family dinner every night has become a thing again and I absolutely love it! Oh, and Zumba on the porch seems to be a thing now, too.”

    We hope this list helps bring some inspiration or at least puts a smile on your face. Head over to our Facebook page and let us know one thing that is going well for you.

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