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Top Campus IT Priorities for 2019 and Beyond
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Top Campus IT Priorities for 2019 and Beyond.

What do you get when you combine all the hot educational buzzwords – digital learning, digital accessibility, the cloud, artificial intelligence, and analytics – with higher education’s ever-present budget woes and need for far more faculty tech training? A perfect storm of analytic angst, security concerns, and slow-moving, less-than-eager faculty willing to try new things absent real evidence that the “new” makes a difference in student learning and outcomes. 

Campus leaders must offer a clear vision for navigating this turbulent environment, plus training, support resources, and guidelines around these technologies.  The goal, of course, is to leverage current and coming technology and digital pedagogies to enhance student success and improve student learning and institutional outcomes. 

This webinar, featuring Casey Green of the Campus Computing Project, will focus on: 

  • Digital accessibility and cloud security concerns
  • Assisting faculty with tech to promote greater adoption
  • Assessing IT’s impact on learning outcomes (only 16% of CIOs indicated their campuses do assessment) 
  • Changing the data culture, because analytics = more engagement = more personalized learning

In this webinar, Campus Computing Project Founder Casey Green explores the challenges that confront campus CIOs and IT officers and their priorities for 2019 and beyond.


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