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Optimize Your Coronavirus Plan With Mediasite
Optimize Your Coronavirus Plan With Mediasite
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Optimize Your Coronavirus Plan With Mediasite.

As the rapid spread of coronavirus continues, campuses, businesses and conferences are rushing to update emergency plans and preparing for the worst. While the scope of the pandemic is still unknown, global organizations are faced with the challenge of trying to keep business moving during the realities of travel bans, quarantines and countries on lock-down.

But what does preparation look like? For many it includes video communications. And Mediasite has been there to help.

We’ve developed the definitive resource for your continuity planning, and we’ll take you through it step by step in this webinar. You’ll learn:

  • How organizations are using – or planning to use – video to keep classes going, conferences scheduled and staff informed
  • The most important questions you can ask when developing your video plan
  • How proactive and prescriptive services can help you minimize downtime and interruptions

Fast-track your virtual environment with a discounted quick-start package. Learn more.

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