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Inside the Events Industry Crystal Ball – What the Future Holds
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Inside the Events Industry Crystal Ball – What the Future Holds.

The events industry has come a long way in the past decade. Planners aren’t just thinking about RSVPs, word of mouth promotion and sponsorships anymore – that was a much simpler time. They’re using big data to optimize engagement, creating Instagramable moments with decor and engaging a whole other online audience in real time. Plus, there’s the impending impact of buzzwords like virtual reality and artificial intelligence that they need to address.

In this webinar, the founder and CEO of BizBash — the largest news site for the events industry – will peek inside his crystal ball to share what’s next for event planning and marketing and what you can’t afford to ignore. You’ll learn:

  • What event and marketing technologies and trends will foster the most innovation this year
  • How planners and marketers can prepare for the impact of VR and AI
  • How to maximize attendee engagement, both onsite and online

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