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Help Your Customers Do More Than Just Press Record During Meetings
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Help Your Customers Do More Than Just Press Record During Meetings.

Your customers are using new and modern conferencing technologies to add value to spaces where they meet, present, train and collaborate. But they’re missing out on an important piece of the puzzle if they’re not turning the recorded content coming from those huddle rooms, Zoom rooms, and collaborative spaces into usable, shareable, and searchable video.

In this webinar, Rob Lipps, EVP of Sonic Foundry, will discuss the importance of automatically and intelligently capturing and routing this collaborative content into a video platform where your clients can access and manage it all. You’ll learn:

  • How corporations and universities are turning their flat unified communications recordings into rich, searchable video on-demand
  • What they can do to create a searchable gold mine of knowledge available anytime
  • Why it’s essential to archive easily accessible videos

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