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Mediasite Winter Camp – Best in Snow

Kick off 2021 with these video essentials

What will 2021 look like for you and your team? There are still many questions about what the next year holds for schools and businesses while we navigate this next chapter of COVID-19. Whether you’re planning for an online or hybrid year, one thing is for sure – communicating with video is more important than ever. Are you confident in your digital strategy for any possible video situation? 


We designed this winter summit to help you be a leader in this digital-first world. Get access to our best resources for taking your classes, trainings, meetings and events hybrid or fully virtual in 2021, including webinars, e-books, infographics and more. 


Register now to get: 

  • Access to on-demand webinars about the latest updates to Mediasite and what they mean for you (read on to get all the details) 
  • Gain access to exclusive material produced by our Mediasite team 
  • The inside scoop on how the Mediasite Events team works its virtual event magic 


And much more! 

Here’s what you get:

Move to the Cloud with Confidence


Schools from pre-school to collegiate levels are using online learning, and businesses and healthcare organizations are turning to video to stay connected. 


The use of streaming video has never been more prevalent than right now, and its awesome power to connect people from all corners of the world in real-time is front and center. 


But, with that new demand for video comes an immediate need for more bandwidth to ensure that these organizations can handle the massive increase in viewership outside of their networks. Many don’t have the infrastructure required to serve peak demand.


The solution? Moving to the cloud.


It can be done rapidly with minimal disruption to end-users. 


Hear from the experts at Mediasite about why there’s never been a better time to move to the cloud.  

Take your classroom online

Let’s face it, as an instructor, you have probably run into some difficulty moving your classes to an entirely online format quickly. There are a lot of areas that need to be considered like lectures, discussions, assignments, office hours, group work and tests. 


Learn best practices for creating effective, engaging distance learning videos. 



  • Toolbox for Hybrid Learning in a Video-First World
  • 8 Trends to Follow for a Successful Pivot to Virtual Classrooms 


  • How to Design Engaging Learning Environments in This Digital World
  • 5 Ways to Enhance Teaching in a Video-centric COVID Classroom


  • Virtual Learning Never Sleeps
  • Solving the Virtual Learning Puzzle


  • Edgecombe Community College
  • Western University of Health Sciences

Take your meetings and events online

Planning a virtual event – or adding an online component to an in-person event – is an easy, cost-effective way to maximize your event’s impact.


Learn how Mediasite Events can help you create a virtual meeting or event that connects thought leaders and attendees around the globe. 



  • How to Maximize the Online Event Experience 
  • 5 Successful Pivots to Virtual — and What You Can Learn From Them 


  • How to Create a Virtual World with Mediasite Events
  • The Future is Virtual – How to Get Your Events Remote Ready  


  • Virtual Events Explained 


  • Foundation for Research and Education in Dermatology 
  • Distance Technology and Learning Conference 


  • How to Take Control of your Events in 2021

What’s New in Mediasite?

Streaming video’s incredible value is front and center in this digital-first world as everyone teaches, learns and communicates online. That means it is critical those meetings and classes are both easily accessible to all intended viewers while also completely secure from unwanted eyeballs.


Plus, it goes without saying that video engagement is of the utmost importance as everyone watches from a distance.   


Learn how the latest release will help you.

Creating quality, engaging videos is easier than you think.

As you teach, work and communicate remotely in this new video-first world, consider these video best practices to ensure a seamless experience for your viewers. 


Get all the insider tips to creating the best videos you can.  

Register now to get all your camp essentials.

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