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Don’t lose the great ideas shared in

your meetings and classes.

Automatically record, stream and manage everything that happens in your huddle rooms, Zoom Rooms and collaborative spaces.

  • Works with the conferencing systems you already have
  • Easily record and share video calls
  • Turn flat recordings into rich, searchable videos on-demand  — all in one place
  • Record in H.323, H.239, and SIP


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With Mediasite Join, You Can:

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Increase productivity

Don’t have the same conversations over and over againMiss a meeting or class? Check out the recorded video. Employees need training? Empower them with on-demand training videos and recorded meetings from a centralized virtual library. 

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Stream meetings, strengthen connections

Communicate mission critical messages, generate trust and buy-in, and encourage discussion with high-quality streaming video that unites employees, no matter where they are.

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Meet the needs of sophisticated viewers

A high-quality viewing experience matters more and more to your employees and studentsMediasite’s updated, customized player makes viewing easy and engaging on any device 

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Help employees and students search, locate and learn better 

Good things happen when you boost viewers’ ability to find keywords efficiently – whether on slides, on handwritten boards, in the audio, or included as metatags. Turn your meetings and online classes into a searchable goldmine or knowledge.  

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Feed the video hunger 

Your employees and students are expecting to learn and communicate with videos. Meet their needs with a reliable – and scalable – video capture and management system that removes distance and ensures they always have access to re-watch a training or meeting or re-visit a class.  

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Set It—Forget It 

Setting up Mediasite Join is as simple as inviting someone to a conference callQuickly deploy Join by integrating with the systems you already have. Everything is automated and you’ll never miss those important details again.  

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Think of Mediasite Join as the destination for all your Zoom content. With the Mediasite for Zoom app, automatically turn your single-stream Zoom recordings from meetings and classes into rich, searchable and easily shareable on-demand videos – all in one central and secure place.

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