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Mediasite Events is everything you need to:

Stream Live & On-Demand

Remember why you’re streaming an event in the first place?

Your online audience should be way more than passive viewers. When you give them an engaging, memorable experience, you’re helping the future of your event – and your organization. Yes, we could dazzle you with techy talk about our event streaming capabilities. But for now, we’ll just say this: Giving customers scalable, ultra-reliable streaming solutions is just the beginning of what we can do.  

You might forget about us. We won’t take it personally.

It’s event dayAnd you’re ready to do all you can to keep things going smoothly (wearing a big smile, of course)Meanwhile . . . Mediasite Events wants you to know this ain’t our first event streaming rodeoYou may not talk to us much. But it’s okay. You won’t need to. Our close-knit team will be working behind the scenes to make sure your event streaming goes off without a hitch.  


Find out how a virtual event works


  • Embed compelling event video on your website, in your blog posts, and in social media feeds
  • Give on-demand viewers 100% searchable content to pinpoint exact video moments
  • Accommodate all viewers by integrating closed captioning
  • Track all online viewing activity in real-time
  • Gauge interest of event moments by noting most-watched segments and drop-off points
  • Promote continual improvement of your event using insights from viewer data

With Mediasite Events, You Can:

Alt=events Streaming

Focus on your event duties

Want one less thing to worry about? Mediasite Events can take the lead when it comes to delivering high-quality, scalable streaming solutions for large conferences and meetings, as well as overflow audiences.

Alt=events Streaming

Show all you can

Keynotes and sessions involve more than just the spoken word. Our multi-view capture means viewers can have up to four video streams to choose from – the speaker, the slides, and anything else that’s worth showing.

Alt=events Streaming

Meet the needs of sophisticated viewers

A high-quality viewing experience matters more and more to people, especially as the most video-literate generation ever joins the workforce. Mediasite’s updated, customized player makes viewing easy and engaging on any device.

Alt=events Streaming

Address the “standing-room-only” situation

This often occurs with uber-popular speakers. Address this by streaming live (or on-demand) to overflow rooms or other common spaces. Mediasite lets you easily accommodate over-capacity sessions to ensure all attendees watch, wherever they are.

Alt=events Streaming

Feed the video hunger

Sometimes travel isn’t desired – or possible. And don’t forget that professionals today are more than just open to viewing and interacting with video; they’re expecting it. Partnering with Mediasite Events means you’ll have the equipment and support to reach – and grow – a willing online audience.

Alt=events Streaming

Search, filter and sort for a customized viewer experience

Powerful search capabilities let users create customized video portals and efficiently locate topics and event moments.

Alt=events Connect

Give online viewers a surround sound experience

Go way beyond giving your remote audience great streaming quality. Keep them focused with immersive Q&A options, check their temp with polling tools, and encourage their interaction with live chat.

Alt=event Streaming

Scale Easily

You can add sessions or tracks without a significant increase to your on-site footprint, resources or technician headcount. From single-room events to large multi-track conferences, we’ll grow with you.

Alt=events Streaming

Record, repurpose and prosper

Convert captured video into an on-demand library. Sell virtual passes to the event after the fact. Turn select sessions into training or continuing education videos. Transform memorable event moments into tantalizing trailers to promote next year’s event.

Alt=events Streaming

Get more mileage from great insights

Useful content can take many forms. Create transcripts from your event’s video. Then turn that text into blog posts, trade articles, marketing materials, and thought leadership pieces.

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Drive continual improvement

With the power of video analytics, you can see viewer spikes, drop-offs, and repeated plays. These indicators can help you make smarter decisions for repurposing captured video and improving the content of your next event.

Help the planet

Yes you read that correctly. Live streaming can actually have a significant impact on your conference’s carbon footprint. It cuts down on travel, waste and jet fuel by allowing viewers to join your event from anywhere in the world. Your event becomes more sustainable from the second you push record.

Hundreds of companies, organizations and continuing education conferences of all sizes trust Mediasite Events each year for event video done right.

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