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Leave the event production and technical work to our pros


Your Content. Our Studio.

When you partner with us you get a dedicated team to work out all your technical, production and speaker kinks behind the scenes. We do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

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Drive revenue and expand reach

Create engaging experiences from anywhere in the world

Ensure a smooth virtual event experience

Maximize impact long after your event

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Level up with our live event platform

Get everything you need to deliver a robust, engaging online, hybrid or onsite event experience — backed by 24/7 expert support.

Speaker Ready Manager

Give your speakers the attention they deserve so their presentations dazzle with our concierge services. 


Virtual green room

Prepare your speakers for their session with technical support and checks so they are confident before they go live. We’ll route your speakers and moderators to the right sessions, so everyone is exactly where they need to be.

Create engagement with live Q&A

Allow speakers to engage with their audience in real-time with live Q&A. 

Back-end support for any tech needs

Leave the technical support to us for all your live event needs, freeing up your time for other important logistics.  

Testing & coaching to boost confidence

Your speakers will be ready to shine after our team works with them. We will ensure all tech is working, your speakers sound good and are positioned well on the screen. We’ll leave nothing to chance.

Studio Technician

Your personal technician will support all your technical needs.  


Manage & upload presentations

You send us the content and we’ll make sure it’s in the right spot.

Any and everything technical you could throw at them

You read that right. Whatever technical issue that comes up, we’ll help you work through it.

Workflow testing to make sure things run smoothly

We’ll test your workflows and make sure there are no hiccups when you go live. 

Event Producer

Production support will make your live event professional and absolutely seamless.


Walk-in music

Add that extra level of excitement to the production with your favorite tracks.  

Custom video layouts and graphics

Make your content look and feel the way you want. Incorporate your logos and visuals so it captures your brand. Plus, personalize the viewing experience for your viewers with an interactive video player.


Add some post-production narration to your videos for added effect. You, too, can create that epic Morgan Freeman-esque voiceover experience that really puts content over the edge!  

Clap tracks

Make the viewer feel like they are in the room with a big group of people like the old days with some piped in applause.

Lower third graphics

Customize your content with graphics that showcase your brand, your sponsors and your speakers. 

Compare Event Production Package Features

With 15 years of event video experience, we’re pros at crafting affordable, scalable solutions to fit any need.

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Planning a Smaller Event?

Our town hall packages are the solution for events on a smaller scale.

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