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Connecticut Department of Public Health
Mediasite produced a cost-benefit ratio of 14 to 1.
Christopher Stan, Distance Learning Coordinator


The Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH) uses Mediasite to deliver a variety of online training, from day-long sessions for local health departments to training for nursing home administrators, team leaders and staff.

Before Mediasite, the DPH trained officials from 2001 to 2006 with in-person, onsite, 7-hour sessions, said Rhonda Wisniewski, an employee with the Lead Poisoning Prevention and Control program.

“Our program is required to hold annual refresher training for 77 local health departments,” said Wisniewski. “We received several complaints about the training from 2001 to 2006. Main concerns were availability of the training the locations of the training and hours spent away from the office.”


In 2007, the Lead Poisoning Prevention and Control program was the first within the Connecticut DPH to use Mediasite.

“We purchased Mediasite in 2007 to leverage it with existing resources and planned to track the learning content with an existing learning management system ‘Train Connecticut,’ ” said Christopher Stan, the department’s distance learning coordinator.


Since it began using Mediasite, the agency has recorded more than 240 programs that have garnered over 13,000 views. Mediasite has eliminated travel time and reduced training costs while increasing accessibility to learning content.

The department has trained more than 1,000 housing code officials at just $18 per student. That’s a huge difference from the $175 per course that it would have cost through a commercial provider.

“Mediasite produced a cost-benefit ratio of 14 to 1,” Stan said. “That’s fantastic, especially in these times of shrinking budgets. I call Mediasite a webinar in a box. It has been extremely popular among local health departments…they don’t have to come to our office and sit in class all day. Instead they can review the modules online and take the exam online. From our vantage point it’s very popular because we’re saving the state big bucks.”

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